The Age of Butterflies

SEPTEMBER 14  : The Unexpected Paintings





Chapter A : Metamorphosis - Amah ( A.C.D.)  - Theme :  Andy Warhol 

Chapter B : Cocoon - Ben Zank - Theme :  René Magritte

Chapter C :  Unraveling Pillars ( Caterpillar) - Luca Galardo - Theme : Giorgio De Chirico

Chapter D : Birth - TBA -  Theme : Salvador Dali 


LEPIDOPTERA : Also known as the Butterfly 



Hello Visitor,  


This is Amah and I am inside my website. You have managed to find this message.  I am the narrator. 


Allow me to formally introduce myself : My name is Amah Cynthia Dongo or A.C.D. My first name is my namesake. It belonged to my grandmother. She is no longer here, but the butterflies are. So either they follow me or I seem to follow them. In this page, I am going rogue and solo . My hands are at work on Project C and the Paintings- the biggest works in which only I can do solo. By September 14- the base of this  website is 100% complete.  


These hands must do the work and only I have access to the internal layers of this website and the content to protect the works of not only myself but all those who partake in this. I honor my word to them.  


I am allowing the viewer to see parts of  the process of the first 4 projects. Everything you see is done by the hands in which Da Vinci believed to be important.  There is no intern. No assistant. Every graphic, every image, every edit, every stitch to the preliminary pattern : is done by the hands from A to D.  You will see the bandages, cuts, burns, of my very hands in which I document in the Me by Me Series . 


PROJECT C  the longest of the 4 projects ( including Paris/ New York)  - will serve the link for A through D. This is a 4 part series in the 26 letter project. There are 26 concepts, themes, and focus artists.  If you pay close attention close to the website you will come to understand the narration. But you must look closely. I have not disclosed all images for certain narrative purposes. I however, will no longer leave such hints upon the completion of Project D. It may be that it remains invisible to you the viewer for months even years. I accept this. But every line, color, number, and letter is of significance; and chosen with careful diligence. I weave the art of the past with the artists of today, while envisioning the future. I respect all three dimensions. I am painting  a book of 26 Chapters where your eyes can see the words that muse in my head. 

To Art Gang -Thank you and Merci.  


To future Art Gang Members- I look forward to it. 


This message will self-destruct on September 14th. See you then. 


 - A. C. D.