Canice and  Smeralda, Photography by Katelyn Kopenhaver


The motto of Art Creation Design is to be design focused. Sustainability is a component to a great design. 

Products are at two warehouse to facilitate the reduction of carbon footprint as well as limited stock inventory of increments of 25 . Through careful marketing analysis, we ensure the amount of orders are met for our clients by never overstocking. 

Certain projects ( collections)  are limited by nature in terms of production due to their technicality, design, or custom made orders such as Project B where certain pieces are one of a kind; whilst others are more commercial and are produced in numbers. The artistic approach allows for the customer to create their artistic approach to the design provided by Art Creation. 

Part of Art Creation Design is to also the conscious effort to reduce unnecessary packing material and the usage of plastic as much as possible. 

Certain pieces are organic, fair trade, or recycled fabric . 

It is our desire to achieve 100% sustainability by 2023 . We work with manufacturers , technology, and production to ultimately create art and designs for our clients. 

Art Creation Design fully supports artists and creatives alike. 


 Photography by Katelyn Kopenhaver


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