Project A Metamorphosis is the first project of the Alphabet Project.

The foundation of Art Creation Design are the projects from letters A to Z. 

Art Creation Design is a fashion design  brand that is inspired entirely by art and design. 

The motto: Art Creates Design. 

In project A , artist ACD paints her self portrait through the lense of photographer of Maciek Jasik with a key focus on colors. 

Maciek Jasik creates colors with light through photography. ACD had to interpret what this means through colors and shapes. This creates the metamorphosis of colors and how well both artists view the same colors. 

Project A photography by Maciek Jasik produced Letter A Painting by ACD . 

 Project A is  now archived as the painting Letter A  has sold. 



The unique element of The Alphabet Project is that no project repeats itself. The works, designs, and/or concepts are limited to the project and the artists involved. 

In Project A , there were only two paintings inspired by Metamorphosis. The acrylic painting Letter A and Metamorphosis. 

Project A was about conceptually showing the beauty and focus of colors. 

The painting Metamorphosis may be purchased at the Online Tokyo Gallery Tricera. 

And as one project begins, one retires into the archives. 

To see more works or available purchases from Maciek Jasik, please visit  : 

To see more works about ACD , please visit : 

For more on Project A : Project A  

The color usage becomes a signature to Art Creation Design as the projects move into  Project B : Cocoon 

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