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Art Creation Design LLC. is an art and design  website created by A.C.D. Using multitude layers of metaphors, imagery, and a variety of art mediums to create visual narrations and products.  

The products ranging from art to design  are part of the 26 letter project A- Z in which are inspired by thematic elements of artists from the past to present. Each project as well as the different mediums of works by the "art gang" creating  a liaison between art and design in different ways . Ultimately creating 26 different concepts to how we create art and design. 

Each project headlined by  each letter of the alphabet  is limited to the idea and focus theme and subject,  becoming its own capsule of products in limited quantities. Much like art, once the artist has finished their artwork ; what remains is their  work. In each project produced by , the artist A.C.D. ; she takes a chameleon role to change the skillset she uses within each individual project .


Special  Orders 

For Special Orders  including Project B : Please email The unique special orders are handmade  and sculpted . Please allow 4-5 weeks for an order to be fulfilled indicating idea or mood. For the more complex models, ACD will make the model per request. 


If a painting or artwork is desired in different format please contact for availability or location in galleries. 

How do I contact you?

Simply send an email to acd@artcreationdesign. com or DM us on Instagram or our Facebook Page and we will contact you within 48  hours!

How can I change or cancel my order?

Send an email as soon as possible to  State your order number in the first email so that we can be of service immediately. Please note that some orders may not be changed once the order is processed. 


How can I pay?

You may pay with credit card or Paypal. All payments are completed in a 100% SSL-secured payment environment.

Yes . We accept returns on all items except the artworks.  All returns must be done within 7 business days of receiving the purchase. 


We hope that this never happens, but we understand sometimes errors are made in production. Everything is safely inspected and in packaging for you to enjoy your purchase. 

In such cases, please take a photo and email us at and we will reimburse you 100% and we will do our best to resolve any issues you may have. 

If you have received defective, incorrect and / or damaged goods, contact us within 7 days of receiving the order. Remember to include the order number, the photographs of the items . We will do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.  However all pieces are fully and safely inspected safely and shipped from the warehouse. 

Artworks are not refundable. However, if in case of damage through transit. Please contact us and we will issue a refund.  All artworks are ensured and securely packed in transit at their price value . 

Clothing pieces can only be returned if not worn.  If there are other issues such as fit, exchange is possible. However, the sizing instruction is located for every product .  Please  feel free to contact us if you may have any questions. 

Please contact for any questions or inquiries. 


Special Orders, the small artworks , 100 visages ( exchange only within 7 days) 

 How long does it take to get my money back? 

As soon as we receive the item back, a refund will be issued within 48 hours. You will be notified via email that your purchase has been refunded.   Please wait the normal processing time with your bank to see the refund.  If within 3-5 business days, you do not see your refund, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve any issue. 

My purchase passed 7 days , can I exchange? 

If you have your newly purchased unworn with its packaging and passed 7 days,  we will gladly offer an exchange up to 14 days . Once  we receive we will ship out the piece that you desire to replace.   The exchange must be of equal or greater value as your original purchase for orders over 7 days. 

Will you provide a shipping label? 

For all orders under $99 dollars we will not  be able to provide a shipping label for return. However any order that surpasses , we will email you with a shipping label to return to us via email. 


How long does it take? 

Expect 5-10 business days to receive your shipment. You will be notified of when order has been processed and shipment has shipped with tracking number. Your shipment is expected to ship within 1- 5 business days from purchase. 

Artwork Shipping ? 

Any artwork is fully securely packed and shipped with tracking and insured for its price value. For the bigger artworks selection, please note that those pieces are available through the artists or their respective organizations. 


Is not currently available but will open to selected countries in due time. 

Please note that certain countries including European countries have changed their status due to Brexit. Art Creation Design is not responsible for any additional fees through customs. 


For more information on the Project Collection and Collaboration, please go to on the story behind the pieces and the participating  artists. Certain photographs remain the rights to the photographers for artistic purposes , designs, creations, and original artworks.The artists'  works and liaisons to other galleries, companies are all on their accord. Their collaborative works hold no exclusivity nor are limited to the projects with Art Creation Design.

For upcoming shows,events, galleries, please sign up to our newsletter! 


All artworks shown are derived from originals by the artist. Any collaborative artist(s)  retains the rights to their work. Any usage of their works need authorization from the  respective artist themselves  and Art Creation Design LLC.  imposes no restrictions of communications,  exclusivity, liberty to the artist in their right to use their works with other organizations, artists, and/ or businesses .