Special Orders

What is a Special Order? 

Art Creation Design is very unique brand in that it fuses art and design together and is derived from the work of the artist ACD.  This allows for the customer to have unique pieces tailored to them from the prints to Project C to a personalized design of Project B by having a shorter version or request a different color. 

We cannot guarantee that all requests will be made but rest assured the possibilities to create your own art and design and personalize is very much possible. 

A special Order is an order that requires an altering or modification of the product or the client's own idea of the product that can be done through the works of ACD. 

When can I special order? 

You may special order at any time through our Contact Page form or by emailing : acd@artcreationdesign.com 

Who makes the Custom Orders? 

ACD is the forefront of the designs from the prints to the  models of each project. All prints are derived from the actual paintings and are paintings made by ACD. To see more of the paintings. Please visit www.amahdongo.com 

The commercial prototypes are available  in some of the unique pieces in each project. 

Can I get a custom painting or commission? 

Yes . Paintings and commissions are available even down to the color specification or theme in the geometric paintings. Please use our contact page or email at : acd@artcreationdesign.com on requesting a custom artwork piece indicating  your needs. 

Why Special Order ? 

Special Orders are done to offer individuality and design to the client  in ways they never thought possible. 

No order begins without a preliminary approval of the client. And in this ACD works one on one with the client to ensure the needs are met to create the art and design they seek. 

Please note that not all orders may be fulfilled if demands are met and proper communication will be given on if a special order request can not be met. 

I requested a special order, why was my order request refused? 

An email notification and reply will be given to all requests. We will always do our best to ensure 100% Client satisfaction. 

There may be a time where a Special Order is refused for different reasons and it will be noted in the communication. 

For all accepted orders, the client will be notified throughout the stage of the process. Allowing them to go on a brief journey of the process to see the completion of the work if they choose so. 

Please note that all orders are created or designed by ACD personally. For any special orders and artworks, there will be a certified certificate of authenticity with signature and seal. 

All orders will attempt to fit the timing of the client however please allow 2- 4 weeks on special orders to be completed. 

Cost of Special Order? 

A quote will be given for any special orders and require a 50% non-refundable  deposit via PayPal before production.  The remaining 50 % upon completion of the order. 

Typically the prices for a Special Order should not be greatly different to a similar product shown in the collections unless the modifications or designs require more intricacy. 

Note that Special Orders are non-refundable. 

The client will be given a prototype simulation mockup of their concept before proceeding with the production of the Special Order . The deposit is only requested once client approves the creation of the art and design.