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Cocoon Twist

$450.00 Regular price

The Cocoon Twist is an elegant sculptural design on the shoulder with a twist.

Can be worn for a unique look or used for interior decor usage. The twist is naturally set in place and is unique to every design  model. 

  • Hand Knit design  
  • Dry Clean Only 
  • 100% Cotton
  • Custom Order or Modification of this model is available 

* Note : The pieces pertaining to Project B can be worn in dualistic nature. They can be worn as a design fashion piece. But also can be worn  as a home decor piece such as on a table or a sculpture and will remain in their position unless physically altered. The pieces can be shaped and twisted , however tend to revert the original  locked shape.

Design Guide by ACD 

This Cocoon twist  model weights approx. 1 .5 lbs is a  little more than the traditional knitted scarf and is advised on those 5'7 and taller for proportional comfort and equilibrium. 

If you are under 5'7 it is advised to request a custom order that is proportional to your height and built. 

Photography by Katelyn Kopenhaver 

Model Carolyn  5' 10 is  wearing the Cocoon Twist 

Hand Knit by artist A.C.D.